An update for all those who so kindly answered my first post, having recently been diagnosed with AMD I was concerned there was no mention of follow up appointment.

I have just received a letter from doctor at eye clinic to say that after consultation with renal consultant ,I have an appointment on 20th March for further test with a view to treatment. I am very relieved about this as I felt I had just been abandoned. Thank you for all your support, I will keep in touch.

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  • That's good news Lizjim, it's not too long to wait and hopefully you'll get some answers. I have dry amd in both eyes early stages. I also have an appointment with eye clinic in March. I wish you well on your journey. Take care.xx

  • Thank you it is such a relief they are now going to monitor my condition, good luck to you too. X

  • Always ask about follow up and what to do if you encounter a problem in the future. Most clinics will tell you to ring them if you are concerned but sometimes they forget to tell you.

  • At my last appointment when I was diagnosed I was too shocked to ask anything. I am now more prepared and have written a list of questions .Thank you for your support .

  • Having a list is an excellent idea. It is also worth having someone with you to remember all the answers especially when technical terms are used.

  • Delighted for you Lizjim and Good Luck for the future.

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