Ist Injection and thank you


I had my first Eyelea injection today and it was fine- I am hoping I don't get problems but so far it has been excellent

I'd like to thank everyone who told me what to expect and pointed me towards the U tube films which really helped too.

Something that may be of interest- mine are for MO caused by BRVO and the hospital (Moorfields) have recently changed from monthly injections for this to 3 to start with and then every 2 months. I'll post if this changes as I had expected monthly for a while.

Many thanks again

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  • I'm not sure but it looks as if some of the older ones have much larger needles than are used for current injections- maybe those were the ones you didn't like?!!

    I was very pleased yesterday and am just hoping the after effects remain as they are at present!!

  • Well done on getting through that first hurdle! I was at Moorfields having No. 20-something at the same time and my treatment experience was as perfect as I believe is possible despite the unusual delays which appear inevitable for a multitude of reasons from time to time.

    I am super sensitive to any residual iodine, and was told long ago to tell the nurse injectors of this at every visit. Ever since I started having 'super' flushes after the injection, I have had no after effects beyond a slightly 'crusty' eye the morning after.

    I am saddened to read reports where it seems injections go less well than my own - you'll find plenty of information on these pages and you were either lucky or very well advised to find this site early in your 'adventure'.

    Good luck with the treatment.

  • it's good to hear they are always as good as yesterday- thank you!!

  • Hi rosyg, glad things went well. I too have brvo and am having the loading dose of 3 eyelea (as I did with Lucentis before).

    Depending on my review I'm then expecting single inj with further reviews. Will compare notes as we get there lol x

  • I am unable to go beyond 4 weeks with either Avastin or Lucentis. I was swapped to Lucentis when Avastin began to fail me after around 2yrs.

    My condition is cystoid macular oedema as a result of radiation damage caused by the treatment for eye cancer..

  • Hi

    I've got MO caused by BRVO and like you I had my first Eylea injection a week ago, I was pleasantly surprised that I had very few problems after. It hasn't improved my vision at the moment but I think this is probably a gradual process. It's reassuring to know that others are going through the same thing as I've had a few scary times with this diagnosis.

  • Hi Katrina,

    Good to hear your injection went well too. I don't know how long it takes before any potential improvement can be seen Fingers crossed!!

  • great news , so happy for you .....xxxxxx

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