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well, had app today with different consultant , he's first one to admit there is a problem, lump under eyelid (at top of eyeball) and droopy eyelid , he at least listened to my story , the wrong dates for inj....injecting with anti biotics ...well, given script for them but not compatable with methotextrate and pharmacist couldnt understand dose....answer to that off doc was "forget it" .bad attitude from docs .....anyway scan showed infection clear....and in his opinion its nothing to do with heavy handedness with "dotting" which made me shout out (not enough anaesthetic) and drape being ripped off like velcro.....he thinks its to do with immune system and methotextrate ....which ive been on for 14 yrs.....he is sending me to another specialist about "lump" in 2-4 weeks ........hmm. saga goes on .........i did ask if 1 particular consultant could do inj in future and he obliged straight away ....also thanked me for feedback .......

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Well done jnan. It's a big thing to confront our caregivers.

He agreed there's a lump and is doing something about it so that's a win!

If you still have any lingering feelings they didn't take anything seriously enough it will eat at you so my advice in that case is to write a "thank you" letter to the clinic manager, praising the positive outcomes then casually asking him to please confirm things are being done to improve eg drug interaction checking/awareness , ensuring patient meds are clearly available to Dr in front of patient notes etc.

Hope you can relax now you will get the Dr you want in the future x


yes a more positive outcome ...will follow up on apps ....hope things are improving for you xxxxx

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