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Hi all, after plucking up courage to complain i got phone call today ...they set a meeting up with the 2 consultants .....these are the 2 consultants who have left me with (i think) damaged eye.....so i saiid thats not helping ....she asked me to tell her on the phone basically whats wrong ....when i finished she said she cant get her head around it ........hard to believe 3 docs and 2 consultants couldnt tell me i had an eye infection ....but kept injecting ..she was very sympathetic and had to talk to a colleague about this ...will ring me Mon ...lot more to story but basically thats it .....

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I can't help feeling that making a complaint is a waste of time. They view it as a potential claim for compensation and will not admit liability. It is much the same as a motor accident: the Insured is instructed not to make any admission.

What you need to do is find somebody like a solicitor or may the CAB or a law advice centre who will find you an expert medical witness. That person will be able to say whether the damage can be put right. You can then take if from there medically.

If it can't be put right, then you need to decide whether, with the help of the expert witness, there is sufficient evidence to make a claim and whether that will be worthwhile and you want to do that.

I really don't feel hospitals can be bothered to listen to complaints and they are very short of time anyway.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ijnan, what a muddle! I know from personal experience that the medical teams don't like to own up to their mistakes for fear we may claim. They dress up their errors in any way they can except explain the truth. Most of us are not interested in claiming - all we want is to put things right if they can and be honest and open with us. I truly hope you get your problem sorted and wish you all the best. Keep us informed how you get on. x


Jjnan Contact PALS every hospital has the service. They will help you.

This is an explanatory link:


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Rennatk is right, PALS will help you . I sent mine an email setting out the story and asked them to forward it to the clinic manager. They did this and logged the case, I sent all comms via them so if I needed them to take a leading role they had all the info.

Be clear, write simple points not long sentences. Set out the failures as you see them. Give them action points for what you want (eg their process needs to be improved /training for an individual/info you want about your case etc.

Good luck.

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