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Consultant says "jury is out"

A series of eye examinations, by various doctors has left me confused?? The first diagnoses was Wet AMD in my right eye, next doctor was unsure thought I might have CSCR. There is no treatment for this stress related condition and after 6 weeks I thought my vision was improving. Apparently not! next doctor was certain I had WET AMD and should commence treatment immediately. Since I am needle phobic my anxiety levels were extreme. I managed the loading dose of three injections (with sedation) The result was no change in vision, but a nasty rash on my right shin, severe head pain often whilst I was sleeping, and a neck so stiff I was unable to move it for three days, stress? a reaction to Lucentis? I made a decision that regardless of the consequences I could not continue with a treatment that I could not tolerate. I take a daily supplement have begun to deal with my stress levels through CBT. There is undoubtedly something wrong with my right eye, but I have not lost central vision, colours are clear, and my wavy lines are minimal (usually noticeable when I am stressed or tired)

At my last appointment the Consultant accepted my decision not to have further treatment and is referring me to a colleague who has more experience with chronic CSCR (Central Serios Chorio Retinopathy) I have researched this condition and found not only does it mimic Wet AMD, but in some cases has been treated as such without improvement of long periods. I am not an A typical CSCR sufferer, I am a female in her 60's, most are male in their 50's but for many years have suffered high levels of stress whilst using topical steroid regularly, and I qualify as a type 'A' personality, all of which make me a candidate for CRCS, but so far the consultant can only say the "jury is out"!

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Dear Jen Cott

How confusing and distressing for you! I have no experience with your condition personally, but I understand your decision to discontinue the injections. I am receiving eyelea injections and after my recent bad reaction I was very close to doing the same and risk losing my peripheral vision in one eye. It is so hard to know what is best.

Do keep us posted and tell us about your progress, whichever way it goes. I wish you the very best for the future.


correction - central vision


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