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Hi janelgarv sorry to here of your probs and your so young looking hugs all round I've had amd for close on 12yrs now my left eye went to wet about 18months back and am coming up for injection no.7 of lucentis it seems to be getting there but my main problem is in my right eye which is dry but has scaring on the rear and haven't been told if they can do anything not even sure if going to my opticians will help as I have bought new lenses about 6months back I'm virtually doing things with one eye half closed as if both eyes open feel like I'm crosse eyed I'm past 78yrs and my hobby is oil painting so wish you well and hope all goes well for you Al.Gee.

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Hello Al Gee thank you for your kind words- must be the Mediterranean diet!!! Can you still do oil painting? If you I take my hat off to you😀 I'm still managing to play tennis but not half as well as a year ago, I just keep missing the ball and hitting fresh air but my friends understand and still play with me and we laugh. I can't really imagine having one eye 'wet' & the other 'dry' - it must be awful, at least my eyes are both the same - well nearly, my left is worse than my right, I had some distance lenses made only a few months ago but they are useless now for driving & tennis but good for tv. We all just have to keep smiling , although last night I was crying - just feeling sorry for myself but then I had an email from my friend in the UK who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which has gone into her liver and I thought to myself which would I rather have and the answer was easy - so we have to battle on and hope they find a cure for this horrible disease. Sorry I've prattled on a bit too long. X

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I'm finding it very difficult to paint nowadays as I cannot see the colours properly and putting paint in wrong places on the canvas so it ends up more like a Picasso or abstract, but not to good if your trying to paint a land scape scene,and I've had to cut down on my driving I'm supposed let dvla know about my macular and I think they might take my licence away unless my optician can sort my glasses out roll on demob , keep well chin up onwards & upwards Al.Gee.


Hi janalgarve I'm finding the same with badminton keep missing.the the shots, well that's my excuse anyway! I have one wet and one dry eye which actually is much better I'm praying my left dry eye doesn't go into wet. But as you say your poor friend with pancreatic cancer as you say which is better and we all know the answer xxx


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