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Forget the Needles,...."Don't give up Hope"!!!

"Hello to Everyone in the AMD Tribe",

This is a letter that I wrote to one of the tribe earlier today 4th September 2015

Some of the stuff in here will make you wonder what you have doing having shots in your eyes,......because Brothers and Sisters,.....there is a whole world of help out there.


I must say you are brave, allowing strangers to poke needles in your

eyes, especially when you don't know the outcome.

All we knnow is that someone got paid to do this.

Currently, I am in the grip of BRVO,....My Treatment to date,...".Nil."

Having been to the local hospital for diagnosis,(hence my BRVO

knowledge), I was summoned for "the Treatment"........without the

hint of why it was being carried out,..............Where's the

Consultant????,.......No Consultant? or Consultation?,......Goodbye!!!!

This has happened twice in my quest for a knowledgeable person, to

give me the required information, with which to make an informed


Come the 22nd this month,(September),....I am there again, only this

time, at a completely different Hospital in a different Town.

Although, I suspect it will be the same scenario.

But the purpose of this contact is to make you aware of what other

treatments areavailable to each and every one of us.

Three years of daily research, has lead me to believe that N.H.S. is

sadly lacking when it comes to AMD and its sufferers.

Treatmentss like:

"Air Energy",..............Breathe in super oxygen,....relax,....get better!!!

Send for free DVD


"Microcurrent Stimulation",......Needleless Acupuncture


Acupuncture,............ (not in,....but "around" the eye/s)


Stem Cell Treatment,...Take your belly fat, remove the stemcells

refine it all, then drip them back into your body.

Russians have done this for "10 YEARS".



Dr. Joel Wallach.................... PART ONE

Dr. Joel Wallach,....................PART TWO

This is exciting stuff.

The Doctor behind this, was called a G/D Liar, in front of a large American Medical Seminar.

He challenged his accuser to send him patients with AMD and

(Doctor Wallach) proceeded to treat the 27 patients,(all Legally

Blind),.......All were returned to 20/20 vision, using nothing but the

Doctors own proprietry products.

The accuser was so impressed he apologised in front of a restaurant

full of people and went on to produce a video,."Seeing is Believing"

as a support for Doctor Wallachs work...........(3M sold to date).


In my particular case, my BRVO has left me on my knees,......but I

live in hope ,.....I will never succumb, to the people with the needles

who have no faces nor liability for any damage done.

You signed the document,.....Tough!!


In Londons Harley Street,........ the price of one injection is £2,000.

Who could afford 22 ?, (as I have read elsewhere, in this forum).

AMD People are becoming ATMs for the medical fraternity.

Enjoy the Videos,...."Be Inspired"


All comments ,(good or bad) ,.................Are Most Welcome


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Sorry folks - I read this as a puff (advertising). Strange how wonder treatments have been claimed for years, in retrospect, see Youtube vids, and went no further. Send me some dollars and I'll tell you!


sounds too good to be true


I wonder what the society thinks of this. I know what I think: outrage.


BRVO - Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion. How many people knew that without looking it up ..... ?

Not sure where you are coming from, Shedgun, but your posting confuses rather than clarifies.

The NHS isn't perfect, but thousands of us are saved from the worst effects of AMD through its treatments.

If there was a wonder cure for all, I think the ophthalmic community would be aware of it.


Mmm Shedgun. I am just very grateful that we at least have the NHS which is always extremely careful to make sure that ALL treatments given are safe, effective and cost efficient. I will be sticking to the advice and treatment given by my opthalmogist who is a very experienced, knowledgeable Professor of ophthalmology.


At the beginning of my treatment I had time with my consultant. My 'shots' were administered by a doctor who has studied and trained for years to be qualified to do the role they do. And without their drive, passion and ambition to do what they do I would not have the level of vision that I have today. People/Companies who prey on the vulnerable make me sick! So take your advert and shove it where the an don't shine!!! Grrr! I could rant on!


*Sun ;)

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Hi Shedgum (and other posters),

I am of course sorry to hear about your BRVO and you apparent lack of treatment. If you don't get some answers on 22nd September, may I suggest that you give the Macular Society's helpline a call; 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Be very careful about 'miracle cures' which you read about on the internet. Sadly there isn't one, despite what you may read. Some things can be helpful in slowing the progress of the dry type of macular degeneration.

Things like 'Airnergy', Micro-Stimulation' and 'Acupuncture' are referred to as 'alternative therapies'. You should ask a consultant ophthalmologist for their opinion; you will get a differing view from the internet claims. Beware of any treatment or therapy that relies on personal testimonials. Ask for evidence of properly conducted clinical trials. If it seems too good to be true; it probably is.

Stem Cell research is looking good, but at this moment in time there is no actual treatment available; although there are a lot of encouraging trials in progress. Please see the following link to the Macular Society Website which gives information on research into finding a cure for macular degeneration;

There is evidence that vitamin supplements can be helpful ins lowing the progress of dry AMD and reducing the chances of someone with dry developing the wet type of AMD.

The Macular Society is a membership organisation which not only helps fund research, but keeps members up to date with viable research and treatment developments as well as offering a network of peer support groups across the UK.

Best wishes


Macular Society


In 7 days I have gone from a life of blissful ignorance to having injections in my eyeball to stop me losing my sight! Who even knew you could that? Incredible!

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Hi new2amd, just thought id reply to your comment.

What a shock it must have been for you ! We have all been there and understand x At least you are getting prompt treatment.

Best of luck x

ps, you have unfortunately put your comment on a thread that does not represent what this forum does well (you will have seen others' comments here!). As you seem new to it all may I suggest that if you want truly meaningful supportive contact and excellent advice from the macular society on your specific issues, that you put your own post. That way we can all reply to you directly and your thread wont get lost in the noise of some other one. Its easy, see the link top right.

its nice when we get replies to our posts, reminds us we are not alone on this journey, and we share good advice too. I will be posting next week after inj 7, hope to hear from you ! Take care x

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