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Have had dryAMD for several years. Two years ago developed Wet in my right eye. I had 7 Lucentis injections & have been free for about 18 months.

A couple or so weeks ago the sight in my left eye got a bit foggy then a few days ago much worse so a trip to the Clinic today.

Everyone there from Doctors down are wonderful & my Consultant said i now have wetAMD in my left eye. Oh happy day NOT!! Had Eyelea injection as now using that & all ok until on the way home my eye was very sore & so blurry i could hardly see. So back to Clinic where nurse & doctor both agreed that as they had taken the cage/frame that keeps the eye open had scratched as it was removed. I was told that this often happens as it is normal to flinch as it is removed.

So a word of warning to all, keep as still as you can on removal or you will end up like me with a very sore, misty eye for days & lots of drops to put in. Just hope the Eyelea works as well as Lucentis did.

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Hi cormorin, i replied before but it didnt seem to register, hope this does !

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the info about the eye clamp.

and sorry to hear your news, hope things go well for you with tne eylea. X

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Hello eyesright, stil struggling with the ointment for the scratch. I think more gets all over my face than in my eye but does seem that what gets in is working as not so sore now.

Dont think the Eyelea is working the same way Lucentis did in my right eye but we get told every time & person is different so hopefully after the 3 loading doses I will see some results.

Just having it checked at where it is will be good.


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