I have had branch retinal vein occlusion for 2 years. I have been treated with ozurdex,avastin and Eyelea. One eye only. My vision was 20/40 at start of treatment and now finger counting only. I also had a small tear in my retina repaired by laser. My vision is 20/20 in my other eye. I am torn on continuing Eyelea injections. Does anyone have any similar situation. I am very thankful for my 20/20 vision in my left eye. The macular edema is the problem.

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Hi codeblack .I started treatment for my brvo in left eye 2 &1/2 years ago. Had 19 Lucentis 4 eyelea and an ozurdex implant 5 weeks ago.

I feel personally that if oedema continues to worsen my sight and there is any treatment that slows or stops it then it's worth it. My good eye isn't that good on its own and I'm desperate to be able to continue to read.

Only you can know if you've reached the tipping point of no discernible benefit.

Other than losing more sight I don't actually know what will happen to us if the oedema is left to grow in the eye -is it self limiting? I haven't asked my Dr that question yet as for me the steroid is working currently and I try to live in the moment.

I wish you all the very best with whatever you decide xxx

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I am thankful for your response eyesright. I have had the ozurdex implant and it did work for me for awhile,I called it my mini-sub. I could see it in my eye for several days. I hope your vision in your other eye does not worsen. I am glad that I found someone with the same duration of treatment. Maintaining the vision we have is key. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope the ozurdex is your answer.

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Hello Codeblack7,

So sorry to learn about your branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) and macular oedema. I guess you live in the USA?

Whilst I am sure others will share their own experiences with you, the Macular Society have factsheet on both BRVO and macular oedema.

If you would like copies emailed to you, please sent an email request to

Best wishes

Macular Society


Hello codeblack

I am sorry to read about your eye problems. When things get worse rather than better we try to think of all sorts of reasons why that should be so when others report reasonable success. I do believe that your macular oedema is caused by your BRVO, but while there is the slightest chance of maintaining some eye sight, no matter how little, it is worth carrying on with the injections. I think you need to talk to your consultant and discuss your feelings and doubts about the treatment with him or her. I know it must be distressing for you to undergo the pain or at least discomfort of the treatment for seemingly no result, but don't throw in the towel in before you have spoken to the specialst.

By the way, take heart; I read that BRVO "usually" affects only one eye, though I don't know if that is true. Anyway, cling to that hope.

I wish you all the best.


Thank You for your info. My first retina specialist told me he was certain he could reverse the damage with avastin injections. Had 2 of those. Edema persisted and he switched to ozurdex. On ozurdex about 13 months. I ask if he still believed he could reverse the process. He stated he wouldn't be treating me if he did't believe it -- about a month later he said I should choose between continuation of treatment or stop. I have chosen another retina specialist who is trying Eyelea injections. He is also a man of few words. I will keep trying.


I think it's best to continue talking to Eyesright here- it seems odd that they only tried 2 injections the first time but I don't know enough really. I have bro and have had 7th injection(last week) They haven't been able to move me to 6 weekly injections yet but we are trying 5 weeks next as my eye had dried up.

See what eyesight says about the treatment you have had!!


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