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Eye pressure

Hi . I have just been for my 12 month check ( which I was told would be 6 months) u am 48 and have had dry age related macular degeneration since I was 38 .i have got it in both eyes and up until this visit my left eye has always been the worse one. Now it seems my right eye hac caught up and now much the same .

What I'm more worried about is the pressure in both my eyes . After the nurse had measured them a few times she said she need the doctor to check them before she dilated my pupils . When the doctor checked they both measured at 22 . She said usually normal eyes were between 10 and 21 . She was not worried and would check the nerve at the back of my eye !! .

I then went for a scan and went back to see the doctor ans was talking about the MD and nothing about the pressure ,and said she would see me in 12 months time .

I have since looked up about eye pressure which does say can lead to glaucoma can any one give me any advice please thank you

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Hi Debbie, you are right in saying that increased pressure in your eyes can lead to glaucoma. This is not our area of expertise at the Macular Society, but if you would like to speak to an expert, please call the Glaucoma Association's 'sightline' on 01233 648170.

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Thanks Andy . I should have asked while at the hospital , but this is only my second visit at this hospital . And so different to what I have been used to . I was lucky to see a brilliant eye specialist through private health care but since loosing my job 17 months ago have not been able to see her as she does not see NHS patients . She was such a lovely lady and had so much time for me .


Hi DebbieJ I have dry AMD and I was tested for glaucoma and fortunately I haven't got it at this time. That was last March so hopefully it is the same, I wouldn't worry too much as I have thyroid problems and so many medical conditions although not all of them are serious. You can get drops for glaucoma Hope you are Ok


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