Just expressing how proud I am of my mum (and possibly my boyfriend) who have decided to do the 10K run for Lupus UK in London in July. Bearing in mind my mum has never run anywhere in her life, she is starting her training now, so hopefully come July will be fit and ready to race. So, so, so proud of her, and grateful she's supporting us lupies, as well as doing a firewalk for Juvenile Diabetes which my younger sister suffers from. I have the best family, friends and boyfriend, and a wonderful support network on here! With everyone's help, I'll pull through eventually!

Em :) xx

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  • Go Mum, that's brilliant!

  • All the best


  • I know how you feel. My hubby ran the Brighton Marathon for Lupus UK on Sunday - I was so proud! It also highlighted how lupus awareness is much needed. Best of luck to your Mum.

  • She says thank you to all your comments! She's extremely nervous as she has never run anywhere before in her life! But I know she can do this! Thanks everyone!

  • Got goosebumps reading just how you are of your Mum (and famalam)... tell her well done!!

  • She says thank you! Never seen her this nervous, and its 3 months away!

  • That is awesome, tell her thanks from me :) x

  • She said thank you back and is extremely grateful for all the support she has been getting :) x

  • I'm sure shell have a great day. My friend did a marathon she said if you write your name on the front people cheer you on using your name as you go around. She said it felt so special :-) you mums great for doing this she should feel special :-)

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