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Reference Pregabalin withdrawal - again!!

I've found amitriptyline along with dihydrocodeine (if u don't object to a bit (big bit) of constipation) 2 b the most help. After all, what's a sore tailpipe every few days 2 worry about. I'm now on 70 mg each evening + 60 mg dihydro. Makes it all seem quite distant 4 a few hours. Long live the dog n bunny!!!

Ciao 4 now. Love J. XX

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if u're taking those 2, counteract with a bit of lactulose at the same time honey, should make things easier ;)

Basically, anything containing opiates generally has that sort of effect so it's a case of being a clever little bunny & supplementing it with a laxative if u have problems x


Yo, sweetkin. Sore tailpipe now in the past, u little darlin'! Love pain in proverbial xx


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