London Lupus suffers-April meeting date??

I recall that some London members had a meeting a little while ago and were talking about doing another one in April, which I was hoping to attend............have just realised it is NOW April!!!(blame the brain fog!!) So has anything been arranged? would love to know, and I would attend if it did not clash with anything else??(would have to consult my busy diary of course-not!!) Please post if anyone knows anything....

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  • me too could not make the first meet but would love to come along this time

  • Hi we did meet on 6th Apri in Leicester Square.

  • I need to go to a meet. :)

  • Hi we did meet on 6th Apri in Leicester Square.

  • Me toooo

  • Hi we did meet on 6th Apri in Leicester Square.

  • Oh bugger-I missed it!! Did you decide to meet up again?

  • Hi, we did decide to try and meet, although no firm plans were made. I did say I didnt mind organising the next one but I just havent had time to do so. If someone else wants to organise it, I'm happy to let someone else take over the reins. Mina xx

  • Shall we get one sorted for mid - late May? Maybe tapas in central London?

  • Hi Chrissiij sounds good to me-do you know a good tapas?? If not Prezzo,Strada and Ask or even Pizza Express often do 2 courses for the price of one etc., (you have to download a voucher off the net)....

  • I'm definitely in :-)

  • I do know some good tapas places. :) I think we should keep the organisation off of these public boards, though. I am happy to organise. is 25th May ok with everyone? Either that or 1st June? Send me a message if you're interested and I'll keep everyone informed - because I'm nice like that! :-D

  • Hi Chrissiij Yes I would be interested- but could not do the 1st June as is my Dads 80th and we are having a bit of a bash-and am happy to let you do the organising!! Please keep me posted. Juliex

  • Hi all :)

    I'd really love to join you this time as I kep missing previous meetings!

    Look forward to seeing all my friends and lovely chat :)

    Koro xxx

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