Lupus Chilblains for Christmas!

Hello Everyone!

Firstly I want to wish you all a very, very happy Christmas and I do hope you are as symptom free as possible.

Just out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone has these horrid Lupus Chilblains? I have them quite badly at the moment and they hurt when I walk.

My Dermatologist has told me they are 'Lupus Chilblains' and I never realised before that they had been anything to do with Lupus.

I am doing well at the moment but sleep still seems to be a problem and I always need matchsticks for my eyes during the day. Come to think of it ~ I need tape for them at night! Thank goodness I am now retired as I can often stay asleep for longer periods during the morning hours.

I have my fingers crossed that when I next have an appointment I will have good news as I have done well since the last one.

I hope so much that applies to all of you out there too, and that you have a lovely time at Christmas and a great Lupus free New Year!

Margaret x x

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Lupulupus,,you need a tablet called Niffedipine...i take every year november to late march,,the chillblains dont stand a chance when you have these.I suffered for years.We have a group on facebook,,,join us,,Lupus is real !!! x


Thanks Dawn 1964

I will bear that drug in mind.

I have already joined your facebook page. However, I dont always comment on facebook about my condition as I don't like my friends to know if I am not feeling very well.

So you may not hear a lot from me but I will be looking to see whats going on anyway! (I am so nosey!!! LOL)

have a lovely Christmas.

Margaret x


I have had problems, especially with my left foot, for the last few years, andhave only just "clicked" that it could be chilblains, after searching on the net and on here. Will see if I can get in touch with the GP now I know what it is xx


Hi MaryBeth!

I hope you get on ok at the GP.

I have had a lot of skin problems and so I see a dermatologist. She is really lovely and I have a lot of trust in her.

Chilblains can hurt. They present as quite bright red patches mainly on the bottom (around the toe and heal) of the feet. They can spread to the top of the toes as well. When they start to get better they begin to itch sometimes.

It is a common condition aparently for people with Lupus. I also have other immune problems including Raynaulds so I guess that doesn't help much as it affects the circulation.

The secret is to keep your feet warm at all times and at the moment that is not easy!!

At the end of the day it is not too bad to suffer as long as it doesn't progress too much so I can't complain really. I was just interested if anyone else had it as no-one seems to mention it.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Margaret x


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