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I'm told raynauds is as a result of Auto-Immune, as is Lupus.

I have been suffering with numb white fingers and tongue this winter for the first time, I've had various Lupus symptoms since 2001 but never this, It worries me when my tongue goes, it's really quite scary as its numb for 2-5 mins,and goes down my throat so I can't talk , I'd like to hear of anyone else as I've googled and can't find much at all.

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I have had the problem with my hands and feet but never my tongue, I think you should talk to your GP about this.

I agree with Emmamarie- I have had raynauds for 9 years and my toes/feet/hands and lips have all been affected but never my tongue- go and get it checked out.

Thanks guys, I did tell GP Thursday, he didn't seem too concerned,but then I did have a list and only 10mins! Bloods Tuesday so hopefully should shed some light. I have seen only one other with tongue raynauds on Internet a young girl took pic to show her doc I'm thinking of doing the same. Thanks again x


Yes, I've heard about the tongue being affected on the healthunlocked raynauds & scleroderma forum: check it out if you haven't already, it's as good as this lupus forum

I've been managing raynauds all my life. Drs tell me mine is secondary to my SLE. People without lupus or another autoimmune condition have it as primary raynauds. Drs tell me usually secondary raynauds isn't quite as bad as primary

The raynauds & scleroderma association is great: check their website out

IIget numb tongue as yet not diagnosed,sorry running out of battery x

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