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why do i bother?

im having problems with my left knee. been very painful recently and hasnt eased after ive rested it. was at work today and carried a hoover upstairs, the pain was horrendos and i almost cried! giving birth was better! just phoned gp for advice and was told to strap it up and take pain relief AGAIN. this is happening far too often to blame my "wear and tear" damage.

a very grumpy growly canine crazy! :(

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Hiya, hv u been diagnosed?


Canine crazy - Sorry to be blunt, but what on earth were you doing carrying a hoover upstairs? It may be your job - but if it is you need to take sick leave or change your job. I know this is not what you want or need to hear - but carrying a hoover absolutely kills me at home (and consequently my upstairs rooms get very grubby indeed before anything happens).


Try putting ice on it. I find that helps then try strapping it up. Also if you have any anti inflammatory gels or sprays use them. Hope it settles down soon.


Hi Caninecrazy

Sorry to hear you are having problems. You say you have wear and tear, osteoarthritis, I presume this has been diagnosed? if the answer to that is yes, is the pain worse than it has ever been before? is it swollen? if so your GP needs to see you and follow it up with an x-ray or maybe an MRI scan. It is so easy to keep saying you have wear and tear and that's what you must expect.To a degree it is and pain killers either in the form of regular paracetamol or anti-inflammatory's do help but your GP also needs to make sure it isn't a cartilage problem or that the bones are now grinding on each other, as can happen in severe wear and tear. Try and make an appointment with the GP and get him/her to examine the knee, be kind to yourself and your knee. Take care.


morning, thankyou for your replys. i have lupus (sle) and been told ive got wear and tear in my knees,worse in my left knee. my knee caps do slip out of place very easily.

ive havnt been advised to have an xray to check i was told to strenghen my thigh muscles to compensate using my knee as much.

maggies, i totally understand your advice but i have to work as bills to pay etc and we cannot survive on my hubbys wages alone.we did go to CAB and our local council to ask for some finacial help but we were told no. ive told my bosses that i have lupus,depression and the symtoms of lupus and my duties have been scaled down but i work alone most of the time and cannot not do just isnt possible to give up work as we would loose our home and theres no way any company would want a "knackered workhorse" (as i was called at work) especially now.

i will phone gp surgery again today to get an appt to see a doctor for an xray,i do understand that pain is normal living with lupus but as we all know, daily joint pain,tum pain and stiff back etc etc but this has put the cherry on the cake! :(

i am still recovering from a chest infection in febuary too,my breathing is alot better :) x


Hi canine crazy karula is right and how did they come to conclusion it was wear n tear without x-ray,exactly they can't so insist on an x-ray good luck x


at my last lupus appt in december i saw my lupus nurse and i said about my knees hurting more.she told me to sit on a chair and then she lifted my leg straight whislt holding my knee and she then got me to do same and felt grinding. she said it was wear and tear and to take pain meds and strenghten thigh muscles. i walk everywhere as i dont drive. i used to run for mid essex cross country and was a sporty child,she said that was probably to blame??

i always have "crisp packet" crunching in my knees and achilles tendon every morning and evening when walking up and downstairs,she said it same thing and because im 40......x


Absolute tosh, it aint wear & bloody tear! I have had this since I was about 12/13. They always said it was because I did LOADS of athletics & my cartilage was shot but how they came 2 that conclusion when I never ONCE had an x-ray, biopsy or anything like that is beyond me & how they would b so bad at such a young age is beyond me, I mean it wasn't exactly as if I was Carl Lewis or something!

Turns out it was a sign of things 2 come (so many other lupoid symptoms I've had from birth r blatantly OBVIOUS now. Gotta love hindsight!).

Generally, 'crunching' etc is associated with osteo-arthritis which is where the cartilage kind of wears away or erodes & basically u have bone rubbing on bone (I have more problems with this than RA 2 b honest). U're tendons? U wanna have a little read about mixed Connective Tissue (which I also have cos I'm so darned fabulous & very greedy!) which can cause tremendous problems with joints, tendons, muscles & ligaments x


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