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Help prevent another Staffordshire!

Today with the government releasing and discussing the latest report re the scandal of Staffordshire, let us not forget that the very earlier whistleblower was literally run out of town, and bullied out of her career trying to prevent these very happenings.

Please sign the petition and just as important - pass it on, Facbook, email, twitter, other websites, and thank you very much for all of you who already have helped so much:

The current spiraling litigation bill stands at 15.7 billion.. so much money could be saved for patients, staff, front line services and improvements.. instead of draining way due to concerns getting out of hand. Please help.

Mary F x

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Signed x


Thank you very much x


No problem, we cant moan about it. and all sit and do nothing, what will change! Well done for posting it x


Thank you.. x


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