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Update on diet, lifestyle and lupus

Thank you to everyone who wrote encouraging comments on my previous post. I just wanted to update you with what I will be doing with my research and work.

I have decided to offer all the information I have gathered on diet, lifestyle and lupus on my website ( I will be posting the information for free as and when I edit it. Each time I have new information I will post here too. The information may go up slowly as I am now in the process of setting up a new business for myself to provide the financial support I need to carry on researching.

Today I have spent a long time working to change all the pages on my website:

* BLOG PAGE - this will now feature general health news and will also feature updates on specific lupus research as and when I find it and have time to post it

* I have set up a FREE RESOURCES page - here I have put links to the article I wrote about diet and lupus. I have also put up links to evidence based information about diet and mental health. This page will feature all my research as and when I have it edited and ready. I may well place my research file here in the next few weeks in an un-edited form so that you can at least read it, download it, print it and take it with you to your Rheumatology appointments so that you can give the information to your doctors to read. It is fully scientifically referenced and currently runs to about 60 pages long. I am very proud of this work, it took me around 6 months to produce (so far)

* WEB LINKS page - I will be constantly adding to this, there is a variety of web resources listed

* SERVICES page - here I have said I am available to be hired to write, speak and hold workshops. I am also available to speak informally on the telephone but this will be a charged service, I do need to make enough money to live.

* WELLNESS page - this is just a bit of information about what the components of wellness may be. There is also a lovely link to some information about butterfly symbolism. I love butterflies!

Anyway. Thank you again to everyone for the support. As soon as I have more free resources on the site I will let you know.

Best wishes

Ani x

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Hello Ani

Sounds great!

Am totally looking forward to everything on you site: it all sounds like exactly the sort of thing I need, and I'm sure many others do too. I know your way of organising and communicating this important, actually invaluable, information will be just right.

Many thanks, dear Ani, for everything, and best of luck with it all



Dear Ani

I am so pleased we can still pick your brains!

Hopefully there will be those in the medical profession who will benifit from your work as well!!??

Well done for re-inventing yourself because your work is very precious to us all. :O))

Thank you.

Margaret x x


That sounds fantastic well done you x




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