Achievement !

Achievement, that's my word of the day ! Why? Well, because I managed to get through a whirlwind of a week and I am still standing. I was re united with my old Rheumatologist which was excellent, attended a job interview which also proved to be fruitfull plus I sucessfully pulled off my daughter's surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday. Yes, that really is ME dancing in the photographs. OK, so I did increase my steriod a little, but I am so pleased at all I manage to ACHIEVE !


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  • Wel done so pleased to hear some good news for a change. x

  • Thanks luupysue, I like to be as positive as possible. X

  • Celebrate every victory, however small. Well done.

  • Oh, well done!!!

  • OH well done what a great week. Sometimes the steroids just help you through, Its a pity about the side affects, but great week though. Keep well x:)

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