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2nd opinion from different rheumy, translation of letter required plzzzz

hi all i took the advise from other lupys on here and asked to see a different rheumy id done my research and wanted a certain rheumy so i waited 3 months 2 see him the appointment was a dissapointment and now im really confused with this outcome i have antinuclear antibodies being made by my immune system???? the level is low , they are now telling me my symptons may be down to soft tissue rheumatism so they want to ween me off my sleeping tablet and put me on other meds that are used to control chronic pain,at the end of the letter he states he is not convinced that i need any ongoing rheumatology immunosuppressive drug treatment...... is he saying he recommends that i come off of methotrexate??? help

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Yes - I think that is what he is saying and you should be pleased. MTX is one of a range of heavy duty DMARDs used to control lupus and RA. Yes - they help - but they also have horrid side effects in the long term and do other damage to the body.

If someone told me I didn't need to take a drug like this I'd be dancing!

Well done and Good Luck!


thank u maggie i was really happy but then fear set in as my dermy prescibes these not my rheumy and i believe i take that for my skin so phone calls galore for me 2day x


hi maggie i just though id let you know, the rheumy was telling me i no longer need to see him , and not to come off metho so good job i didnt get excited eh


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