Painful joints

i know some days are better than others i have this painful knee for about 6 weeks and now it has swollen up and my boys seen the pain i am in so my eldest son demanded that he takes me to a&e to get me seen. Which i did and i was told that i have damaged the joint and may need a opp on it to heal it, all the time i thought it was part of normal joint pains that i get with the lupus how wrong i was, we just put up with pain because learn to as part of our illness, how wrong i was to think that, i,m a nurse and on my feet for 7 hours and just get on with things but sometimes we need to take a break and take things easy and listen to family when they tell us to slow down.

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I agree with you, we do accept everything as part of this illness and often wonder if I am missing something I don't have to put up with but never know if I should go to the doctor.

Hope your knee improves quickly.

Sue x


I agree that we should always go to the GP if symptomes persist after a few days. Yes I sometimes feel a "fraud" at the surgery, but I've learnt, better that than my condition getting worse. Also I've found that I have to remind and question all the doctors I see about my history and meds. They don't have all the answers just what has worked on others. I give feedback and let them know what I want to do and they often ask. I regularly take a note book too, that keeps them on their toes :)


Wow, all that u have descibed is what i feel. Im a nurse with 12hr shifts and just deal with px. Im glad u listened to ur son, sounds like a very smart man. Hope all goes well. Keep updating with ur progress. Edie


Well done to your son.i hope your knee do get better.That is thing with us we always feel we should do more by not allowing others to see our weakness.Being on your feet for more than 2hrs is very tiring especially with our condition.

Take care


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