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Raw chocolate

Hello everyone.

I have previously seen a few people here write about their love of chocolate so I wanted to post a link to an article I have just written about the benefits of 'raw' chocolate which is very different, in a good way, from the stuff you can buy in the shops!!! This is truly chocolate that can be indulged in with minimal guilt, most varieties contain no added sugar and are dairy, gluten, wheat and soya free which is helpful.

Here is my article:



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OOoooo! thanks Ani, guilt free chocholate !!


Hi Ani, I read your article about ORAC and the benefits of raw chocolate.

You are truly a great researcher as this piece shows. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. Thank you.

Cateb -x-


Oh thank you so much for that comment. I suffer massive bouts of anxiety over my writing and work (especially as I have not had much freelance work since April), hearing good feedback really does help me a lot.

With much thanks

Ani x


I notice that the ingredients say that it has Carob in it. Carob is a cocoa substitute !! I only know this as I was in the cocoa trade for over 20 years. Alkalising the cocoa takes out some of the goodness of the cocoa and is mainly due to alter the colour of the cocoa powder. Agave Nectar is also a processed product used to sweeten this chocolate. For real chocolate purists, it should not have any sweetener in it at all.

For really dark cocoa powder - such is found in Black Forest Gateaux's - they heat the cocoa powder and it is burnt slightly. This also reduces the benefits of the cocoa.

The best chocolate is anything over 88% cocoa content. But always read the label to make sure you know what you are getting.


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