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Has anyone had blood tests showing ana equivocal???

Since June last year my bloods have shown equivocal and am just wondering if anyone else has had this too? Does it show equivocal and then over time months, even years show? I got my next rheumy appointment brought forward to 12 March and just want to have as much info as possible. I appreciate ofcourse that many of you have had to wait and maybe i need to be more paitent? Had an assessment yesterday for ESA cos iv'e been off sick from work since last September - what are my chances of getting this or the equivolent to Incapacity benefit? Thank you all for your advice, where would we be without this site? xx

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I don't understand what that ANA result means. Equivocal ANA? Can someone explain for me please?


ANA markers are antibodies ie: proteins in your blood fighting against inflammation, the equivocal part is that my bloods are not yet showing a definitive yes or no to the proteins found in lupus, I think thats the best way I can describe it to you, though this info is based on my persistence through the internet. x


So your ANA is negative at this point. Lots of symptoms but no positive ANA? Just the word "equivocal" threw me off. Or do you mean positive ANA but no positives in the subsets? That is where I am and hope to stay. Good luck with Rheumi appointment.


HI beckybooboo,

I am sorry you are in this situation. As you already know many lupus sufferes will tell you it took a while for them to be diagnosed with lupus too.

As for esa, many people are turned down for esa regardless of what illness they have, so if you are turned down or dont get the result you hoped for dont be surprised. You can always appeal. perhaps it is best to wait for the result of your assessment, then you will know what steps to take next. If you do need to appeal check out the lupus uk website, there is a lot of information on there that will help you through the process.

all the best xx


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