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Numb face/rash

Hi all I've been getting numb sensation for months seems to be getting worse as not only left side of face it's my lips lower jaw going into right side.I've also had little red spots on left cheek now changed looks like rash of some sort and looks like I have purple lip liner on?numbing sensation used to come and go now had it solid for 2 days.when do you know it's time to go to doctors as I don't want to be a pain in the jacket x

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The time to go to the Doctor is NOW!!!


I can relate 2 the purple lip liner 7 SLIGHT numbing but I agree with janiceray, get u're arse 2 the docs, I don't like the sound of it x


It's not so constant now but will phone docs tomorrow don't know been b4 with it and they don't know why. X


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