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For a few months now i have been experiencing pain in my legs especially after walking or climbing a small flight of stairs.I am totally exhausted from walking small distances and sometimes even breathless! I know its not my weight triggering the pain. I just wanted some peace of mind and know if anyone else experience sore legs and exhaustion after walking? i have low vit D so it could be linked to that, but im wanting to know if its another part of the lupus?

thanks :)

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  • I have the same thing. It's to do with oxygen levels dropping when you exert yourself. I am being sen by a consultant at the chest clinic in guys. I did a lung function test and ECG echo and pulmonary test last year. Will repeat the lung function next week. That's 6 months in between. To see if the function has deteriorated. ask your Rheumy or gp to refer u to a chest specialist.

  • thank you for your help, i was at the rheumy this week and my chest was clear (thank goodness) however im to go back for another test.

  • That's good news. Did they check your blood oxygen level while going up and down stairs or just walking around? If not mention it at your next appointment. All the best.

    L x

  • I had very low vit D few years back it seemed to effect everything exhaustion pain etc rheumy put me on 50,000 supplement per week for eight weeks really improved things for me now i supplement 5000 every other day think that priority good luck.

  • I have started back on my vit D, no difference yet, but hoping in a few weeks i will see a change! thank you!

  • Whoops sorry meant to say I also had all lung tests so it is advisable to arrange tests with your rheumy.

  • I was also told with vit d i would feel better..but no change feel worse i think...and i am up and down stairs all day, doesnt help that i hav asthma too.... Take care.. Uzi

  • ive just started back on my vit D cant see a difference...yet. thank you! x

  • Hi, my breathing can be very bad without warring! I can't walk up steep hills or walk with out stopping at least every 5 minutes!! I can't catch my breath and that's when it really scares me!! My chest pain struggle to get my breathing under control takes a long time to bring my breathing back to so kind of normal!

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