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Hi guys hope your all as well as you can be. I'm totally stressed out my workplace thinks it best that I go for

Hi guys hope your all as well as you can be. I'm totally stressed out my workplace thinks it best that I go for medical retirement. I'm dreading the meeting with the doctor. Has anyone got info on who can represent me at this meeting. I'm afraid that I won't put my case across effectively?

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My work has always involved a Serco Occupational Health physician to advice my place of work on my behalf.

Without my Occ Health physician I don't know where I'd be.. probably homeless.

My Occ Health physician always makes sure my place of work understands the Disability Discrimination Act and how that relates to me.

Hope that helps



But I thought the occupational health doctor would be on the side of my workplace?


That's what I thought too before seeing them - my personal experience with Occ Health has been fantastic.

I have been off work for 4 years and am still being cared for. I just wish my consultants were as good as my Occ Health doc


I went for med ret & was interviewed an independent doctor- who wrote a report which included evidence from a medical examination by him& reports from my GP & consultant- so he is not on either side- Also before i went for medret i was interviewed over the phone by him to assess whether i was covered by the Disability Discrim Act and/or whether there were adjustments that work could make to faciitate a possible return to work etc. hope that helps. S


if you are in a union ask your rep for help. In my experience first occ heath assess if you really are ill/ what has led to sickeness absence by writing to your GP, Consultant etc. Just be honest about things at this meeting

Then your employer has to look to see if they can make "reasonable adustments" so that you could keep working.

Then ill-health retirement would be considered - it is usually initiated by occ health and your employer.

Be aware I had to appeal a decision by my pension provider to not accept ill-health retirement before I did eventaully win appeal & get the pension, but in the mean time I was dismissed due to ill-health on grounds of capability to do my job


I was really lucky in my workplace... Occ Health visited in my school assessed my needs and during the hols a new work station was built for me, the 'door was left open for further adjustments to my classroom with possible grants to help. As a result they got a further 5years loyal service from me before I was able to make my own descisions. Hopefully you are in a union who can support you... you should be protected....


Hi I used to work in occupational health and they are the middle person - they shouldn't take sides but should provide you with lots of support and advise your employers accordingly. They will write to all specialists involved in your care and will advise once they have all the information. I hope you have a good occ health physician as they are worth their weight on gold. Take care x


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