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Feeling good bit have doubts

OK having problems fingers ,toes,mouth,ears,nose,numb tongue not bad intact pretty good considering last 4 months.couldn't really explain nose but if you've ever been in a sauna or the n Spain at height of heat and it burns your nostrils kinda feeling that's what I'm getting please somebody tell me I'm not going mad and there is a reasonable explanation still have punched mouth syndrome as I call itx

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simple answer to all of above -Its Lupus!

This thing will tie you in knots if you want to understand the mechanisms and connectiions, but that is the nature of the beast.


I hope it's not lupus, who would want this diagonosis, it's is incurable, I hope it's not and it's something that can be managed something that is less unpredictable, I know people on here are trying to put your mind at rest but to predict this awfull deasease is wrong. My advice is I hope it's anything but...........this is from someone who has been to hell and back.

Luppychick x


Hi luppychick so do I x


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