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Hi is it possible for blood tests to be negative even though your suffering all the symptoms of lupus??? I'm still waiting for a diagnosis but my gp must think I'm a hypercondriac and I feel I can't keep going back to him with new symptoms. I saw a rheumy back in January who took loads of blood but I'm not due to go back till the end of march. And I imagine that the tests will be negative like every other blood test I have had trying to find out what the heck is wrong with me 3 years on. Anyone had similar??

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  • There are many posts here that cover this issue but in short, yes, one can have negative blood tests and still have lupus symptoms. So do persevere and don't worry about what your doctor thinks, it isn't his/her health in the balance.

  • i have sero negative lupus, i present all the symptoms but blood tests don't show anything. i have protein in my urine so i can prove that, i have also taken photo's of my rashes and swollen joints so i could prove that side of things too. i also have raynauds and aps (which did show in a blood test) it all helped to confirm my diagnosis so might be worth taking some pics if you can

  • Hi I'm still waiting for a diagnoses it's been over 2 years now. My bloods come back that my immune system is all over the place but I have not got all the symptoms so they still will not say if it is lupus. They always say more than likely. It can get u down but don't stop going to your GP they are there to help. I have been told from the consultant and my GP the slightest problem and I must see them. Good luck try and stay positive x

  • I really hope you don't have lupus and that's it's something else lupus has ruined my life.


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