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Research study looking for people with SLE that receive MabThera or Benlysta

We’ve just been approached by Medicys Limited who are looking for participants for a research study. They are looking to conduct face to face interviews in London to get a better understanding of experiences and perceptions of SLE and the associated treatments.

The face to face interview will last for 60 minutes and will take place Wednesday 20th February. They are offering an honorarium of £50 to anybody that takes part and they will refund travel expenses.

Participants must have a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), be aged between 18 and 70 and receive MabThera or Benlysta. If you meet these criteria then please contact Lacey Stowell on 01795 426 655 or email to complete a further screening to see if you are eligible for the study.

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i would not mind helping in the research but i guess its not in manchester?


Hi Nicky1234,

The face to face interviews are only in London, however, Lacey did mention to me that they may be doing some telephone interviews too, so it may be worth getting in touch with her and asking about that.



I am suffering from Lupus since 8 years now, I would like to participate in the interview if it is needed but I am taking Cellcept and not MabThera or Benlysta. xx


Hi Ayli_in,

Unfortunately for this study they are only looking to interview people that are taking either MabThera or Benlysta. However, keep an eye on our blog as we post details of all studies looking for participants and there may be once suitable for you in the future.


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