Trolley dolly

for a while I hadn't been able to carry my shopping bags so I went out and bought a shopping trolley.well my daughter refused to come to be seen with me and the stick I get when I take it to work.but I'm POSITIVELY beaming as I save money on taxi's I told them and I'm the one laughing at you when I see you struggling with bags.More importantly I'm not relying on anybody to take me shopping.xtheycall me trolley dolly hope this is a positive blog x

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  • Lol need to complete the look with a jaunty scarf tied at the neck;)

  • I might get scarf if it matches my trolley lol x

  • Good for you letslaugh! I need one of those too, we could customised them with butterflies. X

  • Very good idea gonna keep my eyes out for butterfly fact gonna ask man at market to see if he can get me one x

  • well funny you should say that, i really laughed when i read that you have purchased a trolley and guess what! i had one bought for me for xmas, its brilliant i wished i had done it sooner, no more heavy shopping bags, and when i do go into town guess what, noone takes any notice.

    win win i say.

  • i get some funny looks in supermarket only at self check out cos it asks if your using own bags and I have to ask for it to be swiped as I have my trolley x

  • Aww I want one!! I love the butterfly idea :-) Im the one who does all the shopping as my partner works full-time, and it kills me carrying the bags!! xxx

  • You Go Girls I`ve had a shopping trolley for years (not one that you can sit on i might add) long before they became fashionable. You can get some really snazzy ones nowadays. I wouldnt be without mine, there is no way I can carry heavy bags from my local greengrocer and I won`t give in and take the car. It`s all exercise .... Go for it. I stopped caring what other people think years ago we have to just do what is best for us ....x

  • I've been using a bag on wheels for work for about 5 yrs now - true I get asked if I am going on holiday some days.... or if I'm going somewhere... BUT not lugging things around with me all day from here to there is much easier; stairs are a pain TBH BUT I dread think what state I would be in IF I hadn't switched! Well done you!

  • Went swimming today with hold all on wheels to hold my stuff.I've never really cared what people say anyway comfort first is my motto x

  • Good on ya ;0)

  • awesome ! we have one for picnics :) .. my husband thinks I am insane !! but i do not care .. I am about to upgrade to a pink model ! x

  • I had a bag on wheels for University too. Carried all my books that way. Did occasionally run out of hands - one pulling bag, one using stick - then it started to rain. Went to put up umbrella and discovered that I had a shortage of hands! Raincoats it is then.

    I also found I needed a bag that I pushed rather than one I pulled (like a suitcase) because the twisting of pulling a bag was uncomfortable.

    I must admit, I do like a trolley to lean on at the supermarket. A bit like a zimmer frame I suppose....

  • When I lived in Spain all the kids school bags were on wheels I thought it was brilliant as I remember struggling with my school bag sometimes.I can push or pull my trolley x

  • I agree, supermarket trolleys are good cos you can lean on them, makes getting round the shop a lot easier.

  • Brilliant!! :)

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