face-mask sucks!

face-mask sucks!

HI. im 21 yr.old.female. well, i know im too young to have Lupus. but. that's life. just have to accept it.

I hate the fact that I cant expose to sun anymore. Im really adjusting cuz, before, when i dont have sle, im an outdoor person. now, just a home-buddy. Lupus is such a selfish infirmity. he took everything from me. my physical stuffs. (i mean now im totally deformed) also took my strength. urgh! now, i quit schooling. have to come back next schl year. (sighs)

And one more thing, when going out I have to wear face-mask!!!!well, its the fact that I could easily catch a common cold or something. and i hate it when other youth have to think that im a cancer patient. when infact not. whose still wearing mask here? i wish one day ill get not to wear one. despite of all this, i thanked lupus, cuz i got closer to God! =))

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  • Hi mitchie

    The first thing I must say you are a very pretty you women, and I am sorry that you feel you have to put on a mask so that you don't catch a cold,and that you had to quit school. When I go out in the sun (when we get some sun)I put factor 50 sun block on, could you do the same? I'm very happy to meet you mitchie say in touch on this site you will have a lots of ears to lisen to you and you will be surprised when you hear other lupies tell of there problems how alike we all are. Keep Well :)

  • Hello there Bettie.

    thank you so much for empathizing. Sure, sure. my rheumy also told me to put sunblock on when going out. Do you wear face mask too?? Likewise I'm happy to talk to you here. :)

  • Hi mitchie

    No I don't wear a face mask. I try to avoid where I can any colds or flu thats going around, but thats impossible, I have 5 grandchildren 3 of them at school, but I seem to do ok I don't pick to much up. You are the first lupus person that I have heard of that wears a face mask ware are you from?

  • whoa. that's amazing I wish I was like that too. Im from the Philippines.

  • Hi Mitchie, sorry to hear your diagnosis but at least you have it early and can get going with the right treatment. There have been people where it has taken years to diagnose and have been treated as lazy hypocondriacs with no one believing them that there is something wrong. Yes, stay out of the sun its not worth tempting a flare up and always wear sun protection even in winter. By the way I was about nineteen when the sysmptoms started but was 39 when diagnosed as many others like me. Please take care an do what the Doc says, keep well

  • Hello Allix. thank you for reading my blog. And thank you for some sort of advice. Aw, you mind me if I ask if, did you have children?

  • Hello Mitchie ..... Lupus doesn't look at age. I was 16 when I was finally diagnosed but had been unwell for years before that. Like you say ... just have to get on with it. It is always very hard at the beginning as your lifestyle has to change so much.

    I do not wear a face mask but do try to avoid anyone with germs. I keep a healthy diet as well.

    With regards to the sun, yes it is very frustrating! I avoid it as much as possible especially during the hottest part of the day! I manage it by using high factor sun blocks (50) hats, sunglasses and long sleeves - my Hollywood star look ;) . There is some sun protective clothing on the market. I am also sensitive to fluorescent lighting and my work place has put UV film on the old tubes.

    Follow your doctors advice and give your self time, rest and love to adjust. At least having a diagnosis lets you know what you are dealing with.

    Sending you a hug

  • Hey fruitloop. thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. It;s just so frustrating to have this kind of infirmity, but, what else can we do? none. just have to accept it, right? Anyway, thank you for the advice. ill surely follow them. Im from the Philippines anyway. the sun's so harsh in here. Im also sensitive to fluorescent lighting, and sometimes i get to see like a shooting star or some snowflakes in my vision. weird. keep getting well. ;)

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