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Sorry but just needed to have a moan

I hate how some people think they can tell you what to do and think they are of a higher authority than you . When in fact they are no different to you .

I also really hate how people think just because of my lupus and arthritis that I am completely incapable . Instead of letting me try and do things that I haven't done before they just take over and do it themselves .

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  • Totally understand what you are saying. I'm sure we all know someone like that or have had an annoying experience. Rise above it. x

  • I can identify with that LouLamb it happens to me and it really winds me up.

    I just say to them I appreciate their help, but I want to try to,do things myself whist I still can,and the day may come,soon that I Wont be able to,do it,so I would greatly appreciate any help at that time.

    Most people mean well and think they're helping but it just comes across all wrong.

    Take care,stay well.



  • I understand that most mean well . A certain few people recently have been saying in the most utter disrespectful tone .

  • Ahh yes there's always those as well,and you will know who they are and why they do it.

    It's to try to undermine your confidence- don't let them get to you.I know it's easy for me to say but you soon pick out those who are genuinely concerned and those who are not.

    Does this happen at work? That is where this type of stuff usually goes on.

    As wendy39 says ignore it,rise above it.

    Take care Lou.



  • Yeah it is happening at work . I obviously had to tell the people I work with about my condition because of the nature of the job .

  • Aw LouLamb I feel so sorry that this is happening to you.I know how hard you have tried and have persevered to get this apprenticeship it's really not fair on you.

    Is there someone in a supervisory/ managerial position that you can speak to about this.If these remarks or tone of voice is meant for you then this constitutes bullying which is not acceptable in the workplace or indeed anywhere. Someone in authority can keep an eye onward going on and nip thus in the bud before it really causes you problems.

    Keep a note of who is making remarks ,what they were and to whom they made them.Dates times etc and any witnesses.I know this sounds a bit heavy but you really do need to keep your evidence that this is happening to you.

    Don't let these people get you down Lou,try to keep your head up,You have worked too guard got that position to just give up now.

    Take care.



  • I won't let it get me down . For once in a long time I am feeling good in myself . I have pain everyday and still can't do basic things like wash my hair .

    Doing this apprenticeship is something I am enjoying and it takes my mind of my problems because of the children I am working with .

    It's nice to be able to for a few minutes to forget that I have lupus and arthritis .

  • Good on you LouLamb

    That's the spirit!

    Take care.



  • Yes, have to be really strong in spirit; they just don't understand that is the problem.

  • I would kill for a bit of help, my moan.

  • Me too, have had times where I could not boil an egg and wished a neighbour could bring me some food! Would love some help and tines its hard dealing with so many ailments on your own :(

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