Ds DNA 0f 84IU/ml

Hi. I have just collected my blood results from my GP for the last year to see how they have changed and the above result had come back in September. Will this result along with my weakly positive homogenised and speckled ANA, positive hughes test and arthritis get me that ever elusive Lupus diagnosis. I don't particularly want something wrong with me but there obviously is and I just want to know what.

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Only your GP can truly answer this question if he cannot ask for 2 opinion.

No one want Lupus but sometimes having a diagnosis is a great relief'

after many years of suffering and GPs think its all in your head.

all the best


My GP didn't even want to refer me to a dermatologist despite my losing a third of my hair in 3 months!I went back 2 more times and argued and pushed to be referred! It was the dermatologist who suspected Lupus because of my blood results...if I'd listened to GP I would be in serious trouble...even now after 2 years of Lupus I seem to know a lot more about the disease than the GP! On one occasion I had a rash all over my body and when I asked if it maybe from my Lupus, he was full of contempt saying that a Lupus rash didn't look like that..He only thinks that a butterfly rash is a Lupus rash!!


I have lost faith in my GP too which is why I keep an I on my own blood results. Most times I ask him anything he just says he is not worried about it. My bood count in usually just above 10 and he says it is ok but he is not the one feeling so wiped out all the time. When I was having real problems with my speech and his partner had suggested Hughes he said he would be suprised if I had Hughes and at my last rheumy appointment it was confirmed!

Sometimes I think we have to listen to our bodies and keep pushing our GP's.

Sue x


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