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Tattoo problem

Trivial I know but my rheumatolgist told me there's something up with my collagen, its spaced to far apart or something. I don't know what conditions its connected to She did Tell me But I forgot lol. She said in the past when I have been injected with local anesthetic at the. DEntist that's Why it hasn't worked. Strangely I have had this problem with tattoos! Iv tried over and over again to get it to stay in my leg but it just won't. I just wondered if anyone else had the Same problem?

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Hello I'm very very interested with your question!

I had 2 tattoo's done and very sadly I had what was called ink leak very very rare!

It distressed me so much I've gone to many ppl for help and advise!

Again they say it's where the tattooist used bad ink or was to heavy with me but I never agreed as my friend got the same tattoo the same day with same tattooist and he never had ink leak!

I put it down to my lupus and kept getting more and more tattoo to cover the horrific ink leak under my skin!

But after many more terrible disasters I found another tattooist who has done a half sleeve and foot and ear tattoo and hey no leak!

What do you mean by your tattoo not staying in? Is it a similar problem like mine?

It's really bugged me and I love tattoos and want many more but scared of the same leak problem!

Plz get back and let me know more about your story!

Btw I have systemic lupus



Well I have music notes on my thigh and a small love heart on my hand and they didn't fall out had no problem at all. Then I Decided to have one of my designs Done, its a flower with a cartoon skull in the middle on a swirly vine, written around it is "cat like thief he stole air from my lungs" It's a song by box car racer that means the world to me. The ink was going in beautiful at first, Hardly any problem, but then it started cutting into my skin but the ink just wiped away? I went over it over and over and over was very painful until the ink stayed but after 2 days of keeping it moisturised with bepanthen and being careful not to irritate it, it just started to come out of my leg in dots, strange I know. Now the ink is fine because iv Done a huge flower piece on my partners leg and It's beautiful. It looks like the ink just dispersed instead of staying where the needle wanted it to.


My daughter has had a few tattoo's done with no problems. I have an appt to have one done on March 5th. I'm interested about the local anaesthetic thing, that has happened to me. It takes a lot to anaethetise me.....


It's something to do with the way collagen is spaced, if its too far apart it means anything injected is dispersed round the body instead of the area intended. It's very odd don't ya think :) Xx


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