Feeling well! :))))

Feeling well! :))))

So today something remarkable happened! Hahaha!

I am feeling well and my energy levels are on red...

Woke up with a little headache that stopped after a big mug of Greek coffee.. try it if you haven't it is a medicine for the light headache, in the uk you can find it at the super market or TAZ market places or in turkish or greek market places as well. (Greek coffee and Turkish coffee is the same)

After talking on the phone with all my friends, trainers are on and I am off to the gym!

Let's hope I will be well after it!

Let's all have a great day!

To all who read this .. tomorrow will be better!

Promise ;)


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  • So glad you are feeling well... hit that Gym!!! :)

  • Awesome.... this i LOVE to see :D

    Long may it continue!

  • Fab, Yay:) xx

  • Yay! So pleased 2 read this :0) x

  • Positive thinking and belief that you will feel better does help. I have felt better daily and am reducing the need for tablets and feel so great. You really value your health with this disorder hope all of us have lots of good days ahead x

  • Enjoy, but don't over do it :)

  • That's fab, I agree about not overdoing it though! Here's too many, many days of feeling well! xxx

  • Gym was cool!

    Ice cream was awesome!

    And once more I realised how important it is, with pain or no pain to go out in the sunshine for a while :))

    Wish you all to have an 'as good as it can be' day (with the secret wish to be pain free) to everyone!


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