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Told not to worry. Haha!

Attended hospital last week and saw new doc who seems nice. For the last couple of months having real problems with my left hand, which gp thought was cts. Explained all my new symptoms to consultant who is now sending me to a neurologist, nerve specialist and for a brain scan plus something else but can't remember because my memory isn't great just now. She also took more blood for testing. My moods have been so up and down recently. 1 minute I'm ok the next I'm crying(which is not me at all). Think my manager afraid to talk to me in case I go into meltdown again. Seriously thinking of giving up my new position in work. I'm so tired all the time, can't remember things and not taking in all the new stuff I should be learning. On my feet 7hrs a day, which is not helping.

Doc says it could all be a coincidence the memory probs, mood swings, migraines,, dizziness, weakness in my left side, being unsteady on feet. She says not to worry but I am worrying. Yeaterday with my migraine my top lip started to go numb. What's that all about? My uncle had a stroke at 39. I'm 38 I don't want it to rule my life. I think I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I can't do the amount of stuff I did maybe 4-5 years ago. I was able to work 70 hrs a week and have a social life and cycling, walking. Now I'm struggling with 36 hrs a week and after a 20min walk with dog I'm exhausted.

Sorry for going on I'm just feeling a bit crap, not knowing what will happen in the next few months with all these other tests.

Hope everyone has a happy and pain free Christmas xx

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Poor Soobydoo, everything seems so much worse at this time of year, doesn't it?

At least yout doc is going to get to the bottom of it and hopefully will be able to treat any condition that is causing it. I know migraines can cause numbness referred from the area of pain. I hope you have some pain relief, maybe your GP can advise something to get you through the holiday season whist you're waiting for tests?

I guess you are being tested for Hughes Syndrome too........that sounds like it's relatively easy to treat once diagnosed so I hope it's what's causing your problems! Bit of a backhanded reassurance!! Sorry!

But I know all of us on this site will be sending good vibes and wishing you all the best. Try and rest over Xmas, sometimes we have to do less and not feel guilty about it! Maybe in the new year you can really evaluate your job and see if there is a less stressful role you can change too? Just don't feel bad about it, it's called adjusting and making life easier so you can enjoy what you do rather than working yourself to the ground.

I really feel for you and wish you a peaceful Christmas.

Hugs, Beth.



Thank you.


It's very hard NOT 2 worry when u have all these new things going on. I was diagnosed almost 19 years ago & I STILL worry occasionally about whether I should or shouldn't be feeling this or that. It COULD b coincidental, but personally, I doubt it, migraines, dizziness, memory probs, weakness, mood swings can go hand in hand with lupus & Antiphospholipid & some of us do experience numbness in certain areas of the body (me included). It IS a worry when u don't know what 2 expect, we don't all have EXACTLY the same problems as each other but there r many problems the majority of us share. Try not 2 b too hard on u'reself & put 2 much pressure on u'reself 2 b 'Superwoman', take things at u're own pace & go steady x


Thank you guys for ur replies. It helps knowing there are other people out there who understand. Take care x


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