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Do you know someone who needs of deserves a brand new garden?

Do you know someone who needs of deserves a brand new garden?

We've received this today from Spun Gold TV;

ITV1’s hit series “Love Your Garden” starring Britain’s favourite gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, is back. Last year Alan helped people across the country whose gardens had suffered as they coped with life’s challenges, building them a brand new outdoor space.

Now Alan is looking for more deserving people with gardens that desperately need transforming. They could be an unsung hero or a tireless fundraiser or a family that is coping with difficult circumstances. Whatever the story, if you think a garden created by Alan himself could help them or be a fitting way to say “thank you” then please contact us with your contact details and a brief description of the person you are nominating using one of the following methods:

BY PHONE: 020 7065 7072 (pre-recorded message service)

BY POST: Love Your Garden PO BOX 64382 LONDON EC2P 2GJ

BY E MAIL: Teamhort@spungoldtv.com

If somebody with lupus is nominated and chosen for the show then please let us know. We'd love to see it.

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Me! My garden looks like a bloody forest lol!


Me too, but don't think I could handle all those people around the house. When would I get my naps!


My dad deserves. To win he takes so much pride in his garden, we love him very much, he also loves watching alan titchmarsh tv serious


Much like the peoples comments before me. I would like to have nominated my Dad. He is 87 and has lived in his home for the last 70 years. His 1st marital home, the house where his children were born. Where he shared over 50 yeas of marriage to my Mum.

Sadly this July my Dad collapsed in his home was then in hospital for a month and now needs 24 hr care and so he has now had to leave his home and so lives with me. I am his carer.