need a hug!

As if lupus and all the other things related to it are'nt enough I am just out of hospital after having a heart attack! A mild one thankfully but they think it is 'medicine related' so means that cardio. and rheumy. have to get together and re-jig all my meds. again.

The look on my kids faces when they were told was absolutely heart breaking to see - as it has been said before illness effects the whole family.

Feeling blue and feel like I am loosing my fight. My get up and go has got up and gone,:-(

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  • Hi Irene, feel for you, sometimes it just seems so unfair. We're all here for you, Try & be strong (easy to say I know), thinking of you, (((big hugs))) Trace x

  • thanks for thinking of me - and the hugs.

  • What a shock that must have been! Sometimes it seems as if we have more than we can cope with. Its just one thing after the other. We have to accept these setbacks, though, and try to see the positives. In your case you say the stroke was a mild one so the good side of this is that the problems with the meds were shown up early and can get sorted out.

    I think we have the right to feel down for a while but I bet your get up and go will return before too long.

    Big hug from me.

  • Thanks for the reply and thinking of me. At the moment pretty hard to see the way out of this but as you say we have to keep going. My mum says there is always someone worse off than yourself - at the moment I feel really sorry for them!

  • Sending big hugs & healing thoughts to you x

  • Thanks for the hugs and for thinking of me!

  • Hi Irene, hang in there, I also find that its not helpful when people say "theres always someone worse off" I know your Mum says it cos shes worried about you but its not helpful.

    Have you googled The Spoon Theory, one of my friends is a nurse & I was struggling to get other friends to understand how I was feeling & she found it & showed it to me, friends are far more understanding now. Thinking of you x

  • Thanks for the nice words and for thinking of me. Will certainly look up 'the spoon theory'.

  • Hi Irene,big hugs to you,i myself am not a lupus sufferer,my mother was who i sadly lost on good friday this year,she was diagnosed with lupus in 1998 mum never told us what she was going through i only found out recently when i found a diary she kept,heartbreaking reading it,i knew she had her good days and bad days but she was a very private person even with family and found it dificult to talk too anyone.Thinking of you x

  • What a brave mum you had hiding the symptoms and illness that she had and trying to shield her family what she was going thru.

    Thanks for the hugs x

  • it just proves that with Lupus you really just don't know what is round the corner.

    I do tell people how i feel but they just look at me like i'm making it up - cos I look OK

    Big hugs to you xx

  • Thanks for the hugs. Really appreciate people taking the time to say they are thinking of me. This site is truly invaluable.

  • I'm so sorry you're having such a terrible time. My love and hugs have been sent! xx

  • Thanks for thinking of me. It really has shown me how useful this site is. We are all in the same boat but different at the same time and it helps to know I am not alone.

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