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Another medication!!!

I have tried steroids, Azathroprine, and have been on Methotrexate since March, now that is making me feel sick and have stomach ache! The rheumy nurse said to stop taking it and I would get an appointment to see the consultant sooner rather than usual 3 month gap. I am just so fed up of still feeling so worn out, depressed and ill. I keep being reassured that 'we will find something that works for you'.....but I keep wondering how long this can go on and in the meantime while I am not in work again, how long will my job stay open? Has anyone else experienced this continual rejection of medication?

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I am taking hydroxychloroquine{plaqunil} and steroids.

I was given plaquenil ftom the start. Time to be assertive and ask your Gp to see a consultant

soon not 3 months time

I have learned this after 10 years.


nothing seems 2 work 4 me either so totally empathise with u there, I literally live on pain killers now (when I'm able 2 actually get out of my bed lol!)


I'm waiting to start on azathroprine and steroids. I recently had a lymph gland removed to check for cancer. Thankfully it's all clear so now I can start the new med's. I'm currently on plaquenil but not sure it does much. Also I take tramadol and oral morphine for the pain, I'm trying to keep working but some days it's too much


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