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Welcome to LUPUS UK

Welcome to LUPUS UK

First of all I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everybody that has recently joined the LUPUS UK online community. There seems to have been a large influx of new people in the past week, which is fantastic. We hope that you find our online services helpful and enjoyable.

I thought I’d take a moment to introduce you to the LUPUS UK membership service that we have, in case you’re not an existing member and don’t know much about it.

First of all, as soon as you join, we send a welcome pack to you (see photo). Included in the welcome pack is a whole host of information and other goodies to help you spread awareness of lupus. You receive;

•A copy of our News & Views Magazine

•A freepost envelope to recycle old mobile phones and ink cartridges

•A few information bookmarks

•A car window sticker

•Legacy and fundraising guides

•Freedom Travel Insurance information leaflet

•A cardboard desk calendar

•A cardboard collecting box

•A copy of our sales brochure featuring Christmas cards, T-shirts, stationary and other goodies all at great prices

If that wasn’t enough all by itself, as a member you can;

•Obtain advice that will help you reach diagnosis

•Have access to National Contacts who are mostly lupus patients

•Receive support from local groups and facilities

•Get advice on many aspects of lupus management

We’ll also send you our News & Views Magazine, which is published 3 times a year and includes;

•The latest news from National Office

•Helpful advice and information from lupus researchers

•All the latest photos and stories of our fantastic fundraisers

•Updates from Eclipse (The light sensitivity support group)

•Lupus stories sent in by members

•Updates from our regional lupus support groups

•Contact details for other helpful organisations

•Telephone numbers for all our wonderful LUPUS UK National Contacts

A single membership is only £10 a year, or you can get a joint membership for £15 a year. The easiest way to join today is to go our website and join online. The link to the membership page is here -

Alternatively, if you’d rather join by post you can print the form here - and sent it to us at National Office with a cheque.

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I wish I could join, but £10 to most people aint much, but in all honesty I cant afford that so will help out here where I can, when I can finally get DLA sorted then will join...


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