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lupus fundraising

Hi,i,ve still yet too see my rheumatologist,but why i joined this site was to educate myself further about lupus,since losing my beautiful mother who had had lupus for many years,i fundraise and raise awareness for lupus uk,i have set up a lupus aareness page on facebook if any of you would like to check it out or pass the link onto your friends,thankyou

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Fantastic Cat - I will for sure! Sorry about your mother - always a dreadful loss. x


Love your facebook page, catb! What a wonderful thing to do in your Mother's memory. Good luck, & will be visiting your page regularly from now on. X


Thankyou tigerlily and roobarb,i,ve also had a tattoo,butterfly in memory of mum and to support all you lovely lupies everywhere and i have so much admiration for lupus sufferers x


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