Good Tuesday everyone!!

Good Tuesday everyone!!

Hello My name is Jane, i am new to this site, found it on FB hope everyone is having a lovely day so far, sunny here windy and chilly, which aint too good for thy could say! lol

Got diagnosed with SLE in 2007, then SCLE in 2010 and lately APS as i have had 2 previous DVT's on same leg...wafarin for life blah blah, i take a whole heap of 34 tablets a day...wont bore you with tht as ure all in same boat, i love my life and will NEVER let the lupe get the better of me, anything is possible (in ure own pace)

I am 32 live in Herts atm...moving to Essex on thursday...yup moving house full flare....but i can do it!!

Be good to catch up with y'all

Peace out

Ive added a pic of me the summer b4 the SCLE diagnose

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So,you will soon be an Essex girl.Good luck with everything,you have a great positive attitude.I don't even want to mention my minor ailments in comparison to yours.Keep up the good attitude.


Hi Jane ,l too live in Herts, but l spend my summers at Walton eesex, Good luck on your move, l like your determination, keep going enjoy life.


Hi Jane,

I live in Herts as well and also have APS its very difficult especially when you have a flare and a number of illnesses to keep smiling i hope your move went well and that you all settled in.



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