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Lupus + Dyslexia/Irlems

Hi I was diagnoses with dyslexia last year at 38 as I started uni and was assessed. I am not sure if there is any evidence that the Lupus affects the brain to bring on the effects of dyslexia. I certainly have been affected with it more (noticably) since being diagnosed with Lupus 8/9 years ago. My family don't believe I am dyslexic, however the assessment shows this without doubt. I just wondered if the lupus has brought it on or are my symptoms just lupus and it is affecting my brain??

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Well lupus certainly does do funny things to the brain, Womble. I was always an instinctive speller until I had lupus. I don't know if I am now dyslexic, but I am certainly not as mentally acute, or as good at reading and writing as I used to be.

Good luck with university.


Lupus does affect the brain, I have epilepsy and vasculitis along with SLE and MCTD


I have not been diagnosed yet but I certainly think that whatever is wrong it has affected my brain. I am in my final year at uni and now struggle with reading and writing. Words don't look they are spelt correctly and even on checking the spelling it still does not look right. I forget how to spell, I forget words that used to come to me naturally to the point where I now rephrase a sentence to avoid using a word I can't remember or can't remember how to spell. I can read a sentence numerous times and still not take in what it says. I have never had these problems before in my life but I feel like I am turning dyslexic if that is even possible!! I find reading with a blue background easier.

Good luck at uni and try not to let it get in your way, ask for support from the uni xxx


I have become dyslexic since being diagnosed with lupus my spelling has gone to pot I have read that lupus can affect the brain, I did mention it on one of my visits to Tommies and she did suggest maybe it could be linked to fatigue


Thank you for your feedback. I am starting to get parnoid as don't know whether the assessment at uni is a true picture of dyslexia or whether lupus is as suggested affecting the brain, I wonder if there is a way of finding out. I am getting more and more forgetful and distracted and yes spelling, grammer, hearing of how/what words are said ..... I am lucky I have had some funding for software from uni, but when at work I dont have these tools and I am fearful that employers will see this as a weakness. My lupus is undercontrol so I cannot believe it is that, but yes these sypmtoms have been more obvious since the onset of lupus???

I have tried to do a search to see if there are any links but cannot find anything, but the lupus brain fog does seem to resemble dyslexia and the array of disfuntion that brings???


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