Hi all

Hi im new to this site after finding it on facebook lol. I have Sle Raynaulds and a few more ailments. I was diagnoised after i had my 2nd daughter in 2000. And was totally shocked to say the least as im sure we all are after being told. Anyway all i really wanted to say is great to meet u all and that your having as pain free a day as possible sending lots of gentle hugs to u all x

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This is a great site with lots of support and info. It's such a relief to know there are people out there that know how you feel and how SLE affects your life. It's helped me loads. I'm having a pain free day but it's on the couch for me after decorating all weekend, little steps i find seems to help along with 2 or 3 rest days a week.

Welcome xx


Thanks very much It means a lot as you say to know there are people who know exactly what this horrible illness is like because personally my family dont understand what everyday living is like for me. But then again i dont suppose it help's that i try to make life as normal as possile for the kids and put on a brave face daily xx


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