Athletes foot??

Ive been getting what I think is athletes foot on and off for a couple of months now. I'm not sure it is athletes foot as I have it in the past and it was always insanely itchy but this isn't. This time it is the skin between my toes splitting open and bleeding. It is really sore and painful. I always dry between my toes properly. But always wear socks due to freezing cold feet. Could this be causing it? Does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance


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  • Yes, my entire family did and your socks, towels and/or bathmats could be harbouring the fungus and reinfecting you. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in with the fabric conditioner when you wash them - that will sanitise them at any wash temperature. Also try warm daily foot soaks with drops of either eucalyptus or tea tree oil - both natural, powerful anti-fungals and anti-bacterials. Dry well and dust with Scholl AF powder. Hope that helps.

  • hi megs-tom i had 2 verucas on the side of my foot and had them froze of at the doctors and now it is raily painfull had this done over 2 months ago iv got a big piece of dry skin wat has split and is verry verry sore keep putting a plaster on but comes off it more so now its spliting right down the side off my foot ,, my husband suffers with athlets foot and doc told him to put talk on feet wen been in bath and also gave him some caniston cream what u use for thrush this cream is vetty good for athlets foot ,,,, just keep a eye on feet make sure u dont get a veruka cos i didnt no i had mine ad no pain just hard skin and then got bigger xx

  • Hi megs-tom,i get athletes foot a lot and use daktarin foot spray x

  • Thanks everyone. I have been using the spray but sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I will give all your suggestions ago and see if that helps.

    I have terrible dry skin on my heels gummy that is really sore and hard. Makes it painful to walk on at times. Had this for about a year but don't seem to be able to get rid of it :-(

    Take care xxx

  • If it isn't itchy it may not be athletes foot. Have you been diagnosed with Raynaud's phenomenon? This can cause chilblains which can then leave the skin dry and cracked.

  • Thanks for your reply. It is not itcy in the slightest. I have not a had a diagnosis at all yet but was not sure if this was even linked with my many other symptoms. I am seeing my rhuemie next month, do you think this is something worth mentioning? Taoe care xxx

  • I have just googled chilblains and the main symptom is itchiness??

  • I'm not sure then I'm afraid. You should certainly discuss this with your consultant/GP.

  • Thanks, I will do xx

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