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How To Cope With Scottish Midges??

I cover myself up when out in the garden cutting the grass I had jeans on a thick jumper and thick jacket as it was cool YET I still got bitten by those blasted midges and they are very very sore-across my stomach and back.. I have been to obscure countries and always get bitten by mozzies - BUt they are not so bad as these things in scotland-these bites dont itch they are very very painful and sore I have put dettol on and germaline and the pain is slowly going but am dreading going into the garden. HOW can I avoid them?

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Take a look at our article from August. There may be some helpful advice for you there:


aha you need a product from AVON which even the military use, although AVON do not like to admit it! skin so soft may be it's name x Mary


Hi Same as MaryF says but you need the green one, you really need to slather it on all over especially round your middle, ankles,neck and wrists anywhere where there are likely to be gaps in your clothes! Avon do a shower wash too so could be you need to shower with that then put the moisturiser on build it up so to speak. Are you on Plaquenil? that sometimes helps not to get bitten so much and also taking the B vitamins especially B12 helps because they don 't like the iron taste of your blood so much apparently either. I used to live in Scotland and had to use a midgy hood a draw string net type bag specially designed to keep out midges I think I got mine in a good mountaineering shop! Good luck x


As Mary f sates you need Avon but not just any Avon product its called skin so soft dry oil is the best but you can use the body lotion,and use it every day.

all the best


I'd certainly agree with MaryF & Janiceray....Skin So Soft is the way to go, as i rely on this during midge season.

All the best ;-)


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