Midges + tasty blood = CANKLES!

I have just returned from 2 weeks in China, where the local mosquitos viewed me as a rather tasty entree. I got a few nasty bites, which have become rather large scabs with slight swollen areas, but not too much to write home about.

But then, last night, I did a sports day with local Guides (I spectated - no way I am running!) and got bitten to buggery by the midges! Over night, very itchy ankles. Today? Cankles and getting worse! They are so swollen and tight and I can't use anything more than Anthisan on them! Does anyone have any advice, apart from to stay away from bitey things? :)


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This sounds like cellulitus you need to see a Dr for anti biotics asap... I had this in May from Mosquitoes in Zante.. do not delay


Yes, get your hand by hell or hot water on some betnovate or other steroid ointment, this will help with the itch. If any areas around the bites start to go black, then off to the doctors as a case of urgency!! Got bitten by a horse fly last year through my shirt, just above my left breast, the entire breast went black and all systems go at the doctors when he saw it, threatened me with hospital!! So don't ignore something as 'small' as an insect bite.


EAK! This has really put the wind up me! Am supposed to be going to flamenco class tonight, but i think I will be going to the NHS walk-in centre, if I can find one.....


OK, I have called 111 and I am expecting a call back. Never realised it could cause cellulitis. Thanks for your frank responses. :)


Just a little information for the future, I couldn't believe how it worked, not always possible but if you are sitting in the garden in the summer it might be helpful

In a bowl put some white wine vinegar cover with film make a hole in it and watch them drown.

Not sure which one works but I would spray tons of insect repellent over myself, even up my trouser legs.

Not sure if you can take an antihistamine tablets but that helps with the irritation,

Elevating your leg will help with swelling, some times the hospital draw a line around the inflamed area and see if it gets worse tracking is when you see lines or inflammation spreading upwards will definitely need antibiotics then

Horse fly bites are really horrible.

I always get bitten to pieces, funnily when I was on blood thinning injections I don't think I tasted so good as I only got one or two

Hope you get it sorted out pease let us know


Summer32 is right...Cellulitis.I own a horse or many.....every summer I get bitten alive and leg swells up and I itch. With low immune system, the body cant fight off raw areas become ulcers. Go to GP and get antibiotics.

If you become cold..shivery and sick and need to sleep to the point that you absolutely can't fight it. ....then you have got septicaemia. be careful. Lots of fly creams needed and wrap up in jeans or something tough like that midges cant get through. You can buy fly repel wrist bands from chemist and wear them on ankles and wrists. Take care.


Hhhmmm, I actually wrote a response last night, but it seems to have disappeared. :(

I ended up seeing the out of hours doctor at my local hospital. From 10ft away, she exclaimed at how swollen my leg looked and chucked antibiotics at me. She also asked how I was diagnosed with lupus at such a young age. I pointed out that I am 32, but she said that was still young to be diagnosed. I felt nice that she called me young, but also thought she should read more on lupus.

So, more drugs for me! :)


Woah, I've just realised that she has given me 500mg tablets. Four a day for 7 days. Eak - that's some strong stuff!


I got bite 8 years ago in Spain, the bites became blistered and black in colour. With a suppressed immune system I could not fight the infection and my leg blew up like a balloon and the skin was " eaten" deep into the flesh.. So sore that I struggled to sleep and walk. Several weeks in hospital and many antibiotics later there was no improvement, things got so bad that I was close to having my leg amputated. The biopsy I had confirmed that I had PYODERM GANGRENOSUM, a type of ulcer. Fortunately we persevered with IV antibiotics and now 8 years later I have saved my leg although it still hasn't healed totally.. Please ,please be so careful when at home and abroad and use all the sprays and creams available to deter these monsters.


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