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I am new to this site, discovered it today whilst on FB. I suffer with Discoid Lupus, although was treated for SL for many years as I have all the aches and pains to go with it. I was then informed that I dont have SLE, but have DLE as well as ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. My Drs are running out of ideas how to treat me, and will be starting Thalidomide shortly. I have had Lupus and all ailments for about 16 years now, still trying to accept it though. Looking forward to chatting to all here.

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Hi Peter,

welcome,...I only joined yesterday and was also guided here by fb. also have fybro and SLE with skin issues, what support is there in your area?



I have my GP, as well as Dermatology and Rheumatology. They are there but not really helpful in day to day issues, just lucky that I have a understanding partner......


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