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October has been a pain filled month

I had my 4th cyclo on the fourth week of september and after that i have felt so poorly. been down with throat infection, mouth sores and entire body pain. last week monday i could not walk or be touched cos my whole body ached really bad ( it is better imagined than experienced). I feel weak, i pity my baby he is just 8months and will be wondering why his mum would not carry him when he is crying. My mum always there to help even when her back is aching. I am meant to be taking care of them not the other way round. I want to be well again. God pls help me am tired of this pain it is tomuch. I wish the doctors could give me a pill that will permenatly take the pain away. sorry to bother you all but i just needed to let it out

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You poor thing, I'm so sorry you feel so poorly, pain is so difficult to deal with on a continuous basis, it is like a noise throughout your body that doesn't allow you to rest. When I'm in pain it is like I'm constantly in suspension, waiting for a moment of peace. From your previous experience, does the pain subside after few days? At least you could look forward to that. I'm sure your mum is more worried about you than about her back, though I understand your feeling of guilt, it is natural. Try and take a warm bath, I find that when I'm in pain, it helps ease it for a while. That and hot water bottle. I hope you'll feel better soon.


Thank u very much. I will try the hot bath


((((hugs)))) I did cyclo last year and it sucked, but it has gotten my lupus more under control so was worth it. My daughter is now 6 but I can empathise with how you feel about not being able to hold your baby. However, the most important thing for you now is to look after yourself first and foremost, so go and see your dr asap about the side effects as things like mouth ulcers can be treated effectively.

Your mum is there to help and support you through this difficult time, and probably loves being able to be such a useful grandma so let her take over a bit with your baby while you regain some strength.

This time will pass. Be kind to yourself xxx


Thanks xxx