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bridge nose pressure / ache


I have this pressure / burn on my bridge nose for 4 weeks now... Always there; at night, if i wake up I feel it. Not that much in the morning but gets worse during the day.

I felt it first time after some sessions of bitter crying :-( It came and went, afterwards became permanent...

I wonder if this is to do with lupus. I am taking prednisolone but did not do any good or bad to my nose huge discomfort. I keep monitoring my nose and I think there are 2 symmetrical patches of shinier skin on both sides of my nose (but only I can see it from a certain angle)

Does anyone have any idea what this can be?

Should I report it to my rheumatologist?

Many thanks


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Hi, there is no harm in mentioning your concerns to your rheumatologist next time you go. They may have heard of this before and put your mind at rest. I am not sure what it could be and it is difficult to say without seeing it. I have what they call the butterfly rash across the face - it could be that.

Best wishes to you and hope you get some answers.



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